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Paris is one of the closest capitals to England you can visit, and one of the most beautiful and romantic places to go to in all of Europe. It is an ideal place to go for a long weekend away. However in this day and age, travelling to the continent tends to be very expensive, particularly if you’re visiting major cities. Here are a few tips on how to keep the trip cheap without having to compromise on having a great time.

A lot of people automatically assume that flights are the best way to go on holiday. But the reality of this often turns out to be expensive. You can of course book months and months in advance to get a good deal, but you’ll still end up paying through the nose in taxes and baggage costs, even on low cost airlines. The Eurostar train is a popular option too, and can be less hassle than flying. You can get quite a few deals if you book early. But sometimes the best option is to book a coach trip, particularly if you already live in the south of England.

Another way of keeping down the cost is to get a package deal. A lot of travel companies offer half price deals if you book travel and accommodation at the same time. Also, staying in a hotel or bed and breakfast that is just outside the centre of the city is often the best way to save the pennies so you can spend more during your trip.

You should also consider changing the date of your holiday. You’ll often find that prices for hotels and trains tend to be cheaper off season, so look at booking in early spring or autumn.

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