Eiffel Tower

One of the biggest – in every sense of the word – tourist attractions of the French capital is the Eiffel Tower. You can’t ignore, even if you wish to, what was considered for almost half of a century the world’s tallest building. Even though in time it was surpassed by tens other monuments, the six millions visitors yearly have a lot to do and admire there.

The tower’s construction began in 1887, and was finished two years later, just in time for the one century anniversary of the Revolution, by the French engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel and his team, having as purpose to create a strong structure that could withstand the strongest winds.

Eiffel Tower

Blamed as being useless and unaesthetic, the tower was close to demolition at the beginning of the 20th century. Its opponents would be very amazed to see what became of the odd metallic structure, considered so unpleasantly looking, especially since, nowadays, all couples consider it very romantic to admire Paris from its higher level.

Restaurants and cafes are open at the tower’s first floor. The most popular is the “Jules Verne” restaurant, where dishes from various countries’ cuisine are served, in a more than pleasant ambiance.

The top of the building offers a unique perspective over the whole Paris, up to a distance of over 50 kilometers. At night, the lights wrapping it offer a splendid spectacle. If your curiosity was just a fraction awakened, save time for a visit to the Eiffel Tower the next time you get to Paris.

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