Ile de la Cite

A walk around the Ile de la Cite – The City Island – is a must for taking in the history and atmosphere of Paris. This is a wonderfully busy area full of old and beautiful buildings and architecture. And better still, it needn’t cost you a penny.

The Ile de la Cite refers to the central point of Paris. It is the oldest settlement of Paris – a dark town on the banks of a dark river that is known today as one of the most amazing places in the world. The famous “center” is marked by a small piece of bronze stone in the front of the Notre-Dame cathedral, the focal point of this area.

While the history of Paris illustrates the fame of the rationalism, civilized gardens, vast boulevards and calm order, the most beautiful and ordered quarters are the result of the less managed situations. Even if this area is very well organized, it is still at the leniency of nature. The river has defined and shaped the island’s style as much as the memorable monuments found here.

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The most recommended period to visit this place is spring, when the trees near the cathedral are in full bloom. You feel like the city shows you different things in predetermined moments and in certain angles of light. By visiting this amazing place, the flash of the moment is immortalized and you can appeal to it every time you have a bad day at work or you are in the middle of a traffic jam.

The Palais of Justice is another important monument of this area. Inside this beautiful seat of government, the St. Chapelle, the most beautiful church of Paris can be found. Just like the other points of interest on Ile de la Cite, it offers its visitors spectacular views.

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