L’Hotel des Invalides

L’Hôtel national des Invalides – in English, this roughly means the National Residence of the Invalids – is an area of Paris of great interest to visitors, especially those with an interest in military history. Here’s you’ll find a series of different monuments and buildings all with some bearing on the military history of France. If you hold an interest in Emperor Napoleon I, then make your way to the Dome des Invalides, his burial place, and also to the Hotel des Invalides, is among the things you must do while in Paris.

Built under the reign of King Louis XIV, this served to shelter the ones who fought in battles and offer them assistance. Although, initially, the plan included only several modest edifices, the King was enchanted by the presentation of an architect named Liberal Bruant, and gave his approval for a more complex project. The result was a magnificent complex, with fifteen courtyards that could host up to 4,000 veterans.

Dome Church, Les Invalides, Paris

A church dedicated to Saint Louis, the spiritual patron of the King and designed by the same architect, was added in 1676, for the former soldiers to attend the Catholic mass. The Dome was constructed to serve as chapel for the royal family only.

Although, at first, it was planned also as a burial place for the French kings, the idea was abandoned. Instead, in 1840, the earthly remains of Emperor Napoleon I were brought here with great ceremony. Anyway, other great French military personalities found their final resting place here, such as Turenne and marshals Foch or Vauban.

Today, there are several museums open inside the complex. The most important is Musee de l’Armee, where weapons and war uniforms from the medieval times to the Second World War can be admired. Along the most representative items for the military history of France, rich collections from countries as China, Japan or Turkey are also displayed.

For its great interesting attractions, the Hotel des Invalides remains one of the most visited places in Paris.

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