Notre Dame Cathedral

Situated in the east of the Ile de la Cite, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is not only a strong symbol of the catholic Christian faith, but also representative for the architectural period and style known as the Gothic style.

It took almost two centuries for the work to be completed, from 1163 to 1345, but the result amazed everyone, not just the masterpiece’s contemporaries, but also many future generations. The ogival arches and beautiful stained windows, characteristic for that period, were a source of inspiration in many later constructions with a religious purpose.

The gargoyles sculptured on the facade of the building are famous, among other things, for appearing in the pages of a well-known novel written by the 19th century French author, Victor Hugo. They were the only companions of the book’s protagonist, the bell-ringer Quasimodo.

At the end of the 18th century, in the whirlwind provoked by the French Revolution, the cathedral suffered great damages. In spite of this, a major renovating operation, which took place in the middle 1800′s, restored its past prestige and grandeur.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Today’s visitor is equally impressed by the seemingly alive pictures and by the way the stained glass windows filtrate the light. Emmanuel, the great old bell, still rings with its majestic voice on special occasions, bringing something from the old times’ perfume into the modern Paris.

No matter if you are Christian or you share another faith, the Notre Dame Cathedral will certainly make an interesting and memorable experience of your visit to the French capital.

Entrance is free of charge to the main cathedral. However, there is a charge should you wish to visit the cathedral Tower and the Treasury.

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