Place Vendome

Place Vendome is home to some of the most luxurious, stylish and extravagant shops and restaurants in Paris. The Place Vendome is the supreme symbol of the Parisian sense of fashion, being populated by famous brand stores, many jewelry shops and hotels that can reach the same level in terms of prices and quality.

This area was established in 1702 and is famous for the column located in the town center. It still looks extraordinary after many years of history and the fact that the square is free of parked cars allows people to admire its beautiful architecture and its amazing elegance.

Style and luxury are the key words here, as this square is the home of foreign and French jeweler-makers. A few years ago, it was also the home of famous French clothing designers, so fashion and extravagance are the main characteristics of this beautiful area.

The place is marked by an old building just opposite the famous Ritz Hotel. This noble address is also the home of the major banks of Paris. The main city’s industry is tourism, but Paris also attracts over 9 million business visitors a year.

Hotel Ritz de Paris

The Vendome column is 44 meters high and it is made of core and bronze that come from 1250 cannons captured at the Battle of Austerliz in 1805. It was designed by Lepere, Gondouin and Denon and contoured in the style of the Traian’s column in Rome.

Place Vendôme

In 1992, the Ville of Paris completed a project to restore its original appearance. Today, Place Vendome is one of the most famous and classically pure squares of Paris and anyone who gets to Paris should visit this wonderful square.

One thing you may find during your visit to Paris is that you simply don’t have time to see everything. so here’s a little tip: Place Vendome is just as beautiful – some might say more so – at night than it is during the day. So if you can’t find the time to squeeze in a visit during the day time, don’t worry. Just take a wander around in the evening (it’s very safe) and you will still be able to take in the grandeur of the buildings and architecture, plus admire the breathtaking lighting too.

The Hotel Ritz, Paris

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